LN9338 / LN65409

Hexagonal self-locking nuts

temperatures up to 235 °C

These nuts are made following the European standards (LN Luftfahrtnormen):

  • LN9338
  • LN65409

These standards specify the characteristics of hexagon washer nuts, self-locking, for temperatures up to 235 °C for aerospace applications.

The material used for these nuts is 1.7224.3 steel which corresponds to EN 2446 & EN 2448, AISI 8740 (AMS 6322) & AISI 4037 (MIL-S-8695) and 35 CD 4 S. The nuts are cadmium plated with a MoS2 dry film lubricant applied.

LN9338-03hexagonal self-locking nut M3x0,5 (4H6H) / 235° C
LN9338-04hexagonal self-locking nut M4x0,7 (4H6H) / 235° C
LN9338-05hexagonal self-locking nut M5x0,8 (4H6H) / 235° C
LN9338-06hexagonal self-locking nut M6x1,0 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN9338-07hexagonal self-locking nut M7x1,0 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN65409-08 (LN9338-08x1)hexagonal self-locking nut M8x1,0 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN9338-08hexagonal self-locking nut M8x1,25 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN65409-10x1 (LN9338-10x1)hexagonal self-locking nut M10x1,0 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN65409-10 (LN9338-10x1,25)hexagonal self-locking nut M10x1,25 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN9338-10hexagonal self-locking nut M10x1,5 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN65409-12 (LN9338-12x1,25)hexagonal self-locking nut M12x1,25 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN9338-12hexagonal self-locking nut M12x1,5 (4H5H) / 235° C
LN9338-14hexagonal self-locking nut M14x1,5 (4H5H) / 235° C


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