COM-8T-20 plain sphercial bearing: 1/2″ bore x .875″ OD x .437″ BW x .375″ RW

AURORA COM-8T-20 plain narrow sphercial bearing, maintenance free with PTFE liner

spherical bearings

Aurora COM-8T-20 narrow spherical bearing drawing

Aurora COM-8T-20 narrow spherical bearing drawing with dimensions



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  • Bore: .500″ (12.700 mm)
  • Outside diameter (OD): .875″ (22.22 mm)
  • Ball width (BW): .437″ (11.10 mm)
  • Race width (RW): .375″ (9.525 mm)
  • Fit / no load breakaway torque: no preload
  • Material
    1. Ball: Alloy steel, heat treated, hard chrome plated
    2. Race: Mild steel
    3. PTFE liner: AT1400 (PTFE / Dacron laminate)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 121° C (250° F)
  • Manufacturer: Aurora Bearing Company

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