Hexagonal K-nuts

Hexagonal K-nuts are the most applied locking nuts in motorsports applications. Originally designed for the aerospace industries, they were found to be ideal for use in a lot of motorsport applications because of the high strength, low weight and better temperature resistance. They have a reduced hex, so a smaller spanner size is used. This is ideal for compact and functional design and eliminates the need for excessive material in casings.

These K-nuts can be used up to 235 °C or 450 °F. They are made with metric threads and imperial threads. For some items the J thread form is used, which is common in aerospace applications.

Hexagonal K-nuts + Captive Washer

Hexagonal Hi-Temp K-nuts

The high temperature k-nut is available with metric and imperial threads. Just like the regular k-nuts, these high temperature nuts have a reduced spanner size which makes them extremely lightweight and accessible in small and tight areas.

The biggest differences between the high temp k-nuts and the regular k-nuts are:

  1. material and finish
    • high temperature k nut: Stainless A286 CRES with silver plating
    • regular k nut: 35CrMo4 aerospace steel with cad plating and molybdenum disulphide coating
  2. temperature class
    • high temperature k nut: 425° C and 650° C temperature class
    • regular k nut: 235° C temperature class

Fixed Anchor Nuts – 2 Lugs

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Fixed Anchor Nuts – 90°

Fixed Anchor Nuts – side-by-side

Floating Anchor Nuts – 2 Lugs

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Floating Anchor Nuts – 1 Lug