Floating anchor nut #10-32 (2 Lugs)

The .1900-32 UNJF-3B floating anchor nut is self locking by elliptical deformation and typically used for blind mounted panels. The nut element is floating which is ideal for applications where small misalignments occur.

.1900-32 UNJF-3B floating anchor nut two lugs



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  • Thread: .1900-32 UNJF-3B
  • Axial tensile strength min.: 2460 lbs
  • Hole diameter: .098″
  • Center to center distance between mounting holes: .688″
  • Weight per 100pcs: 0,170 kg = .37 lbs
  • Material: DIN 1.7220.3 – 25CrMo4 – AISI 4135/4137
  • Hardness: max. 43 HRC
  • Class: 900 MPa tensile strength
  • Max temperature: 235 °C = 455 °F
  • Surface: cadmium-plated + MoS2 low friction coating

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