Fixed anchor nut M10x1,25 (2 Lugs)

The M10 x 1.25 fixed anchor nut is self locking by elliptical deformation and mostly used for blind mounted panels.



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  • Nominal diameter: M10
  • Pitch: 1,25 mm
  • Hole diameter: 3,3 mm
  • Center to center distance between mounting holes: 32 mm
  • Tolerance: 4H-5H
  • Weight per 100pcs: 0,765 kg
  • Material: DIN 1.7220.3 – 25CrMo4 – AISI 4135/4137
  • Hardness: max. 43 HRC
  • Class: 900 MPa tensile strength
  • Max temperature: 235 °C = 455 °F
  • Surface: cadmium-plated + MoS2 low friction coating

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