GILXSW 40 female rod end, left hand M42x2 thread and 40mm bore

FLURO GILXSW 40 female extra heavy duty 3-piece rod end, high strength, maintenance free with PTFE liner

Fluro GILXSW40 rod end drawing

Fluro GILXSW40 female rod end drawing with dimensions



  • Bore: 40,000 mm
  • Thread: M42 x 2 left hand
  • Thread length: 60,00 mm
  • Ball width: 49,00 mm
  • Housing / race width: 35,00 mm
  • Outside diameter: 90,00 mm
  • Misalignment α: 15,9°
  • Fit / no load breakaway torque: no preload
  • Maximum permissable static radial load: 270000 N
  • Dynamic radial load rating: 286000 N
  • Maxium rotation speed: 100 rpm (only for short period of rotation)
  • Approx weight : 2570 g
  • Material
    1. Body: 42CrMo4 alloy steel, heat treated
    2. Race: 9SMnPb28K low carbon steel
    3. Ball: 100Cr6 alloy steel
    4. PTFE liner: YES
  • Manufacturer: FLURO Gelenklager

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